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Today's global changes require Collaboration between all Family Business Owners, Managers, Advisors, and Consultants. You need to know "What Really Works." You need expertise. This digital solution provides answers for you and your team. So, let's get started.

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Family businesses dominate all societies throughout the world.  Too often, family business owners and advisors struggle to reduce conflict.  You have probably experienced conflict with succession planning, wealth transfer, decision making, leadership.


Most family business owners struggle with 1) harmony ("How do we stay together?") and 2) ownership ("How do we keep this business alive?")

We created this membership program so that YOU can avoid those conflicts.  There are two sides to every coin.


Just like you, we are modeling collaboration.  India is a family business owner,  and Doug is a family business consultant.  We recently met in an online training program, like many consultants.  We created this program in 2020 because of our shared interest in the success of family businesses.   We have different perspectives.  We have different expertise.  Naturally, we do not always agree.


We created this Family Business Collaboration (FBC) because we know that:

  1.  Lively conversation stimulates leaders  
  2.  Family Business leaders demand expertise  
  3.  When we collaborate we are more able to solve problems  
  4.  All consultants need to assess and recommend solutions
  5.  Leaders must have a bias for taking action 


Who is Doug Gray, PhD, PCC?

  • CEO of Action Learning Associates, since 1997, worked with thousands of leaders in every business sector
  • a consultant with the Family Business Consulting Group, the leading business consultancy exclusively devoted to helping family enterprises prosper across generations
  • a published author in the Family Firm Institute's Practitioner magazine (see attached downloads)
  • author of Objectives + Key Results (OKR) Leadership; How to Apply Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce to Your Career, Team or Organization (2019).   See chapter 6 on family business leaders.
  • Visit for more details.


Who is India Loth, M.Ed.?

  • Second Generation Family Business Owner in the Transportation Industry, based in Texas providing services throughout the United States
  • Expert in the creation of online educational training and development
  • Business owner providing digital solutions for online training and development since 2015.
  • Expertise in higher education, working with 50+ subject matter experts to turn knowledge into courses for thousands of adult learners. 

We all require expertise at times. 


This program is designed like any lively conversation... 


You share your perspective.  We share what works.  Then you practice leadership  TODAY.


So, WHO are YOU?


1.  If you are an advisor or consultant who serves family business owners, click here You need to:

  • Meet other expert Family Business Advisors (FBAs)
  • Assess and refer FBAs to your clients
  • Sell your services to others
  • Learn best practices
  • Demonstrate ROI to your clients


2.  If you are a family business owner or manager who requires expertise and results, click here.  You need to:

  • Network with other Family Business Owners (FBOs)
  • Network with Family Office Managers
  • Review and select expert advisors
  • Reduce fear and confusion
  • Learn what you don't know 
  • Hire experts to save you time and money


3.  If you are a student, educator, or family business school director, please click here


So let's get started.   

We look forward to collaborating with you!

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